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Do a little bit

Operate your dryer efficiently

Fine tune your drying habits for big benefits. Get high tumble dryer efficiency by cleaning the lint trap after each use, drying multiple loads in a row, consolidating loads, and drying on the low setting.

Impact in Numbers:
Reducing dry time by 10 minutes can saveĀ around $37 a year

Wash with cold water

Heating water is 90% of the cost of using a washing machine. Switch to cold! Most modern detergents are specially formulated to knock out stains in cold water.

Impact in Numbers:
SaveĀ  the equivalent of 34 gallons worth of gasoline emissions
Save $60 per year

Use concentrated laundry detergent

Conserve water while cutting CO2 emissions just from reduced packaging alone! Concentrates have 50% less water and 75% lighter shipping weights.

Impact in Numbers:
Save CO2 emissions equivalent to charging your phone 297 times
Reduce water usage by 50%

Handy Tip: Wash with bigger loads

Fill that washing machine up! It takes as much energy to run a full washer as a small load. Get the most bang for your buck!

Do a little bit more

Use wool dryer balls instead of dryer sheets

Get a double win! Reduce waste and chemical use and exposure by replacing standard single-use dryer sheets with reusable wool dryer balls.

Impact in Numbers:
Save CO2 emissions equivalent to driving 256 miles each year
Save around $22 a year

Use detergent with paper packaging

Whether a powder or liquid concentrate, use a detergent packaged in recycled paper or cardboard to reduce plastic waste.

Impact in Numbers:
Reduce carbon footprint of packaging
Redirect 2 lbs of landfill waste per year

Use a plastic-free stain remover

Rather than relying on a liquid, plastic-packaged stain remover, using a stain remover stick with sustainable packaging will reduce waste sent to a landfill and decrease your carbon footprint.

Impact in Numbers:
Reduce carbon footprint of packaging
Reduce waste
Do even more

Line dry some, more, or all of your clothes

The biggest gain is in the air. Line or air dry clothes to reduce energy use and ditch the use of dryer sheets or dryer balls. Plus, you will eliminate the shedding of microfibers from the electric dryer process.

Impact in Numbers:
Save CO2 emissions equivalent to charging 35,000 smartphones!
Save up to $88 a year in electricity

Handy Tip: Preserve the life of your clothes

Your clothes will thank you for line or air drying. They last longer the less time they spend in the dryer. You save money on replacements while also reducing waste.

Go zero-waste with laundry sheets or strips

Turn clothes washing into a zero-waste activity by eliminating plastic packaging and drastically reducing paper packaging.

Impact in Numbers:
Eliminate almost 2.5 paper grocery bags full of waste from the landfill each year

Wash delicates and synthetics in a washing bag

Using a mesh bag for delicate fabrics extends the life of your clothes, reducing waste and saving you money. Some washing bags are even designed to prevent microplastics from clothes washing to enter the environment.

Impact in Numbers:
Reduce waste