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A Note From Little Bit’s Founders

Dear Little Bit Community,

Welcome to our newly-launched website! Through this platform, we hope to inspire individuals to make small, meaningful changes to lead a more sustainable life. Together, our small changes will add up and make a big difference.

Little Bit combines education with sustainable action. We want to build a community that takes care of each other, and that learns and builds together. Little Bit’s mission is to help you discover your ability to take action and share in everyone’s change. It’s a judgment-free zone where you can celebrate your successes and find understanding around your failures. A place where we can share that change is hard, but it is possible.

Our community creates a connection between people who are ready to do what they can, where they can, for a more sustainable world. All of you reading this right now are part of that connection. We’re so glad you are here!

We have to say thank you again to all the people who make Little Bit possible. Thank you to our volunteers for your time and energy. Thank you to the board, for sharing your expertise. Thank you to donors, for investing in what you believe in. Thank you to social media friends, we’re finding you and figuring out how best to reach more of you!

The enthusiasm out there is heartening, and the connections enduring. As we launch our long-awaited Little Bit website, we look forward to building a stronger community that's ready to reach out and bring people into a more sustainable world!

Molly, Elizabeth, Mary, and Sharon

Little Bit’s Founders